Cross Cultural Communication Systems

Why Choose Cross Cultural Communication Systems (CCCS)?

Cross Cultural Communication Systems (CCCS) has provided innovative, reliable and high-quality language solutions, services and assessments since 1996.

  • 1979-Owner of CCCS, Inc. Created the 2nd Interpreter Services program in the country.
  • 1980-Owner of CCCS, Inc. created the 1st, 24 hours On-Call Interpreter After Hours Services program.
  • 2008-CCCS became the 1st approved Career School for Interpreter Training in New Hampshire.
  • 2017-CCCS became the 1st Licensed Private Occupational School for Interpreter Training in Massachusetts.

CCCS specializes in the following:


  • We provide specialized assessments to companies looking to evaluate the language skills and interpreting skills of their team members. Assessments can include shadowing, interpreter evaluations, and bilingual assessments. Each evaluation may include recommendations and future trainings.

Medical Interpretation Services-Face to Face and OPI

  • For over 20 years we have provided face to face interpreting services to some of the largest hospitals and companies in New England.

Translation Services

  • For over 20 years we have provided high quality translation services to hundreds of companies.

Interpreter Trainings & Materials

  • Our online and in person trainings are known nationwide. Our core training entitled “The Art of Medical Interpretation” was one of 10 programs reviewed during the creation of the National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs (Insert Link). http://www.ncihc.org/assets/documents/publications/National_Standards_5-09-11.pdf (acknowledgement is found on page 5)
  • Developed and implemented the 2nd healthcare interpreting training program in the country for qualified bilingual High School students.
  • Consulted on curriculum development and rubrics for several colleges working with our manuals
  • International & National presenters on Medical Interpreting and Cultural Competency
  • Developed specialized Train the Trainer courses
  • Developed Language Assessments for Interpreter Trainings, local community health centers and hospitals
  • Created a manual and curriculum for Language Coaching
  • Created numerous Videos and tools for the healthcare interpreting industry such as CIFE and Anchoring

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